Thursday, May 10, 2012

Conference in Atlanta

Conference this year was in Atlanta, Georgia. On Saturday, after a long day of traveling, I met Elizabeth and we got a delicious beer in the sunshine! Beer always tastes so good at conference.

That night was the Kentucky Derby, so we headed to a sports bar to watch. Look at Cheryl and Judy getting into it!

They had these drinks called "Blue Motherfuckers." We all ended up with one. They were very, very strong. I couldn't finish mine!

Jim wasted no time getting into relaxation mode.

These girls were giving out free keychains if you bought a corona, but what I really wanted was one of their hats! But they wouldn't give it to me!

Dance break!

We were so relaxed, we stayed for dinner! I got fish tacos. They were delicious.

We ended up staying there until dark!

The next morning, we opened up registration. This year's setup was great, because not only did we have a booth, but we had a little SNACK ROOM. With a stocked pop and water fridge!

And snacks!!! And coffee! And tea! All just for us!

On Monday night, we went out for dinner. Judy got a new unicorn pegasus!

We went to a restaurant called Pacific Rim. I got sea bass and it was sooooo good.

So good, in fact, that we went back the next night! This time I got grilled dumplings as an appetizer.

Caelyn got to come to conference this year!! She was there last year, but she was in Lindsay's belly.

Asher and Mark! Asher is sporting an origami hat made by the one and only Tony Tadasa.

Tony and Tom.

Mmm, Tom and I split sushi!

Tony got a giant bowl of deliciousness.

After dinner, we went in search of ice cream. We asked the iPhone where we could find it, and it led us on a wild goose chase!

Where is the ice cream?!


We finally found the ice cream place. It was closed. We looked at the hours, and it looks like it is open until... never o'clock?!?!? Tom was like, "Eauh."

Tony tried to say "Eauh," but he is just a little too nice to get it just right.

Instead of ice cream, we decided to head to the top of the Westin, for a 360 degree view of the city. Riding the elevator to the top!

It was awesome!!! We felt like we were in space stations in the FUTURE!

Look at that view!

It was fun to look down upon the rotating restaurant below us.

I'm sure the diners loved that we were peeking on them.

Tom thought maybe we would see Batman up there in that tower.

It also felt like we were on a ride, so I asked everyone to pose like it was the Tilt-a-Whirl. So realistic!

There was a karaoke bar right down the street from our hotel, and apparently it was the place to be!! It was FILLED with NBIA members!

Dance party!

Tom sang "Sweet Home Alabama."

Tom and Cheryl had an Irish Car Bomb contest.

Tom finished his like a SPLIT second before Cheryl, but look at the aftermath!! He got beer all over the table, and Cheryl didn't spill a drop! I declare Cheryl the clear winner.

Another conference under our belts! Next year we go to Boston.

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