Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby Birds

This spring, a momma bird built a nest right under the roof off of our back deck. It has been the BEST getting to watch her feed her babies and to see them grow up!! She is there all the time, feeding them worms. I took a few photos over the past week to document the cuteness.

May 19
Look at how tiny and cute they are. They are SO little and desperate.Look at that one just sitting there with its mouth open, hoping for worms!!

May 22

There's the mom!! Taking great care of her little babies!

Look at the little guys!!! There were three babies.

May 25

They got big fast! I love how they would just sit there FOREVER with their mouths wide open after their mom would fly away. Just HOPING that she might turn around and come back with another worm any second.

Finally, here is a little movie of them, so you can see the cuteness in action. They have all left the nest now and I miss them!

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