Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Today is Ben's birthday! We had a party to celebrate. Appetizers!! Dennis brought his chipotle dip. It wouldn't be a party without it!

I made spanakopita.

I made crostini, and opened a jar of Trader Joe's bruschetta!

Mom made these fancy French cheese poofs called gougers.

Snack attack!

Vana was the bartender.

She made this version of Dark & Stormies that used COCONUT rum instead of dark rum.

They were amazing!! Cheers!

We got out Kate's assortment of toys from when she was just a wee baby!

For dinner, I made crockpot Thai Pork Stew. Mom brought broccoli slaw, and Cheryl brought a fruit salad! It was a FEAST!

Yay! Cake time!

Happy birthday to Ben!

I made orange cake with orange buttercream frosting. It was SO GOOD.

Kate and Dad brought the balloons for the party, and they also picked up party favors for everyone! They got those little washcloths that are tiny squares until you drop them in water, and then they grow to be regular-sized washcloths!

There it goes! MAGIC!!!

Unveiling time.

Princesses for the girls, and Superheroes for the boys! I called that Ariel one before anyone else hardly got a chance to see the assortment. MINE!!!!!!!

You know it's a good party when Ben takes off his pants!

Then he busted out the Green Man suit!! Here he is creeping out his dad:

Green Man!

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