Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NBIA Conference in Boston

The NBIA annual conference was in Boston this year. Here are a few tidbits from the week.

We decided to try something different, and flew out of the Parkersburg Airport. It was the cutest little airport ever!!!!

What a cute little plane!

The view from my hotel room was beautiful!

We didn't get to leave the hotel very much, because there is so much work to do, but we did get to explore the city a bit.

Randy and Mary Ann wore matching outfits. TWINS!

I got to try my very first lobster roll! It was DELICIOUS!

One of my favorite things about hotel conference lunches is that there is always a basket of rolls. Oh, hi!!!!

Tom's birthday was on Monday during the event. Of course, we spoiled him with a birthday Honey Bun.

"FOR ME?!"

"You shouldn't have."


Elizabeth's birthday was on Tuesday! So many birthdays! Ozan brought her this sprinkly cupcake. I got to have a bite and it was DELICIOUS.

Birthday flowers and champagne! I like it when there are birthdays during conference!

Tuesday night, we had dinner at Bukowski Tavern. Look! A unicorn!

They have a mug club, where if you drink all 135 of their beers during a 6-month period, you earn a mug to hang above the bar. Then, any time you come to get a beer, you get a full mug of beer for the price of a pint! Sounds challenging.

Mmm, oatmeal porter.

SUPER delicious turkey burger!

Hattie got a Unicorn Pegasus!! We meant to do this last year, but it never happened. So this one was long overdue!

Lunch at Towne on the final day, before heading to the airport. Prosecco tastes soooo good after a hard week of grueling work!

Clam chowder. This was incredible. It was SUPER rich.

And chilled lobster tails! Don't mind if I do!


Cotton candy and champagne! Pretty good combination!

Magical cotton candy stick.

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