Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kittens: A Retrospective

The Summer of 2013 has been a wonderful summer for kittens. I have definitely gotten to pet more kittens than usual this summer. Let's take a walk down memory lane and revisit some of the cute kitten experiences I've enjoyed so far this season.

MAY 29, 2013

Yumi's friend found four kittens stranded on the bike path. Yumi generously offered to foster them on her front porch until they found homes!

She made them a little house out of a cardboard box.


Sooooo little!


Oh, hi.

Again, so LITTLE. It's hard to believe that is a CAT!

Ben fit all four of them in his shirt!

JUNE 11, 2013

Yumi managed to successfully find homes for all the kittens! Kim's friend Janet took two of them, so I went to see them one last time before they went away.

Look at those little marshmallows!



AUGUST 02, 2013

Mom and I went shopping in Parkersburg, and stopped at Pet Supplies Plus to get some cat litter. They satellite kittens for the local shelter, and this little guy looked JUST LIKE BABY CHARLIE!!!!!! Look at how tiny!! I really wanted to see his face, but I didn't want to wake him up.

The only difference is that some of Charlie's toes are black. (Black beans!)

AUGUST 04, 2013

Riley found a momma cat and her litter of kittens out at Eclipse town. She brought them home to foster them until they're big enough to find homes! LOOK AT THAT TINY PILE OF KITTENS!

The mom, Maple, is very protective.

And a really great mom.

AUGUST 17, 2013

I went back out to visit Mama Maple and her kittens and they were so much bigger!! The first time, the kitties were so tiny that I was almost afraid to pet them.

This time they were much more solid! Much petting ensued. They're learning how to walk and they're so curious!


Hi, guys!

Pawpaw cries to Mama.

Look at Pawpaw's little MARSHMALLOWS.


Little Osage was SLEEPY.


Osage was SO sleepy.

He was so sleepy that he just sat there crying!! And he kept nodding off and then crying again!! Pawpaw came over to help.

Look at her PROTECTING him!!!!!!!


Awwww, all better.


Time for some milk!


That's all for now. But summer isn't over yet!


Amy said...

Aw!!! I want to scoop that little orange baby!

Riley said...

Holy Moly!! I hadn't seen this post until this morning...SO ADORABLE! You really did a great job of capturing Osage's fluffiness. I'm really going to miss these guys.