Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day Party Cooking Club

Since all the cooking club ladies were planning to go to Valerie's annual Memorial Day potluck party, and it was Valerie's month to host, we all made dishes for the party and declared it cooking club! Valerie made an amazing caramelized pineapple and avocado salad with blackberries.

Emily made asparagus flatbread.

Summer made black pepper parmesan biscotti.

Nancy made strawberry rhubarb bars.

I made lil' sweet potato and black bean burritos and can I just say, I made a GIANT additional tray of these for the rest of the party and they were freaking inhaled!!! Like I brought them to the party table, set them down, and ten minutes later POOF they were gone! I guess people like them!

Yumi made two versions of sushi: the first a version that Koreans caall kimbop, the second a Japanese version called inari.

All the dishes were DELICIOUS and it was so fun to enjoy them at the super fun party! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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