Saturday, May 02, 2015

Vana's Bachelorette Party at The Merlot Cabin

After the hike, we headed to this great Hocking Hills cabin called The Merlot.


Kayla and I prepared a feast!

Kayla made her famous kale hummus boats!

I made a giant salad (the only size I know how to make) with strawberries, radishes, avocado, and sunflower seeds.

Kale hummus boats!

Amber found morels earlier that day and was so generous to share them with us! YUMMM!

I made two lasagnas. Butternut squash with spinach:

And sausage with mushroom:

Garlic bread!

Wiener cookies! A bachelorette party prerequisite.


Riley made these tea-baggin' naked men party favors, and Vana had to eat her dinner surrounded by them. Bachelorette!


Presents! Vana got lots of cute nighties!

The Merlot Cabin has a pool table! So after dinner we played some pool.


Bachelorette! Haha.

Go, Vana!

Heather is GOOD at pool.

Dance party!

Cards Against Humanity.

We all stayed up too late, and then woke up to a delicious bagel spread for breakfast the next morning.

Vana and Riley have matching makeup bags! TWINS!

Bye-bye, Merlot Cabin! Happy bacheloretteness, Vana!


EverybodyLove'sMikes Channel said...

im getting this cabin for my birthday I am so pleased to say thanks for posting pics gave me a way better view of cabin and looked as if you had a ball thanks again enjoy

orangek8 said...

We just visited the Merlot cabin again this summer for another sister's bachelorette weekend! I'm behind on posting pics, but those will be up sometime soon. Have a super birthday, you will love the Merlot. It's really nice!

Unknown said...

We just booked the cabin for December, your pictures helped allot, was it secluded and private? I don't wanna be staring at the neighbors. Thanks

orangek8 said...

Super secluded and private! You can't see neighbors, at least not easily. The place is surrounded by trees. In the next week or two I'm going to be posting a whole second batch of pictures from our most recent visit to the Merlot, so stay tuned! You will have an amazing time!