Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cooking Club: Dinner for 12

Summer hosted this month's cooking club, and the theme was Dinner for 12: The Yucatán. We got to invite our husbands! To get into the spirit of the Yucatán, Summer set up a margarita station.


Dinner for twelve.

Yumi made fried Polkanes, little fritters with pumpkin seeds inside.

Plus a pepita salsa!


Valerie made an amazing garlicky, buttery shrimp appetizer.

I made vegetarian tamales! They had roasted mushrooms, sweet potatoes and poblanos.

Summer made a giant bowl of guacamole!

Ghosh and Yumi!

Mexican cheese!

Emily made a kick-ass lime soup.

Go time!

Summer made rice...

Beans and corn...

And pork!

All together now.

After a break, we moved onto dessert. Nancy made TWO cakes. Tres leches and chocolate Also she brought some Espresso tequila!

Dessert time!


Oh, yes.

We enjoyed cake out on the patio.

Group photo!

Cooking club with the husbands was so fun, we sort of want to invite them every time! Thanks, Summer!

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