Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pawpaw Fest 2015

Happy Pawpaw Fest 2015! Pawpaw Fest is usually always blessed with amazing weather. This year, it rained on Saturday afternoon but then cleared up!

Cheers! The Beer Garden had lots of delicious Pawpaw offerings this year.

Ben and I went out with Kayla and Derrick.

Hey, there's the Pawpaw!

The Wildhoneybees played!

Yeah, Emily!

I went back out Sunday afternoon with Michele! We had lunch at the Phresh Press Panini. Mushroom pesto paninis. Yum!

Listening to music while having lunch.

It was a gorgeous afternoon!

Snowville Creamery pawpaw ice cream!!!!!!!!


It was fun going with Michele because we hit up a LOT of the info tents. We checked out the butterfly tent and monarch exhibit!

 Another wonderful Pawpaw Fest! See y'all next year!

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