Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cowboy Cooking Club

Summer hosted this month's cooking club, and the theme was COWBOY! Look at her cute bandana centerpieces.

We used the bandanas as napkins, and we each got to keep ours! Party favor!

Valerie made pan-fried, cornmeal crusted fish, using a cast iron skillet. It was so so so hot and flaky and delicious!

I made skillet cornbread with hot (HOT!) peppers!

Hey, cowgirls!

Utensils up!

Nancy made baked beans!

Emily made a salad with homemade ranch! (Get it, ranch??)

Mmm, minty tea with bourbon.

Yumi made a peach cobbler with lil' biscuits on top!

Brisby lingered under the table, hoping for us to drop something.

Summer made fry bread tacos!

Sausage, beans, salsa and slaw.

This was too good. That bread was naughty, fried deliciousness. I could definitely have this for every meal, every day.

Emily also made grilled corn with butter, chili, cilantro and cheese.

This is one of those dishes I see in magazines a lot and have always wanted to taste.

It was GREAT! Worth the hype!

Yumi's biscuits ended the night on a sweet note. Served with Jeni's ice cream, it was a delightful ending to our cowboy culinary adventure. Yee haw!

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