Friday, July 22, 2016

Ohio Brew Week 2016

Ohio Brew Week 2016 has come to a close. It sure was a delicious week! Devil's Kettle was releasing one special beer each day, so Michele and I kicked things off Monday night with their Dirty Duke special release! Dirty Duke is their delicious Duke of Darkness porter, aged in bourbon barrels with coffee and chocolate. This beer was amazing!

On Wednesday, Abby, Billie, Sarah and I went out for some tasters. We started at Casa,where we tasted Mad Tree Dreamsicle, and Great Lakes Rackhouse Ale. The Rackhouse Ale is a bourbon barrel aged beer and it was one of my favorites of the day.

Next we headed to The Pub. We wore matching star tattoos to celebrate beer.

At The Pub we had Rocky River Brewing Company Blueberry Ale, and Oompaloompa Chocolate Stout. They recommended we try them mixed together too, which we did, and it was yum!

Next up, The Pigskin for the fan favorite Willoughby Brewing Company's Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter! We also tried Fifty West Brewing Company's Doom Pedal.

We ended things at Jackie O's. We started on the Brew Pub side, where we tried Oro Blanco, which has coffee, cinnamon, vanilla & hot peppers. This one was really special! We also had Cacao & Vanilla Cool Beans.

Then I did some unicorn pegasuses!




Then we moved over to the Public House side. They had Oro Negro, the black version of the delicious beer we had on the Brew Pub side, so I HAD to taste it. This one has is an American Double Stout, brewed with black walnuts and conditioned on oak, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, and Habanero peppers. YUM!! We also tried Little Ghost, a delicious classic.

When I got home, Ben had plans to meet Michele at Devil's Kettle for the beer of the day! I joined them. The special beer was BB97: 97 Columbus, their Imperial Black Ale, aged in bourbon barrels. I had already consumed plenty of beer, so I only had a sip. I gave out some more unicorn pegasuses though!

Thursday night was the only night there was a SPECIFIC beer I needed to taste. Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald is Ben and my favorite beer, and it's always in our fridge. A 7 p.m., The Cat's Eye was tapping a firkin of "Lavender Fitz," which is Eddie Fitz infused with lavender and cocoa nibs. Eddie Fitz is Michele's favorite beer, TOO, so we all went! It was SO GOOD! Yum yum yum.

Friday night was the Brew BQ, and Emily's band was playing. It was hot and summery.

Charlotte cooled off with a popsicle!

Emily's rocking a baby bump these days. Hot mamma!

Dancing! The Honeybees warmed up as Emily made her way to the stage.

We danced a bunch! Happy Brew Week, til next year!

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