Friday, July 21, 2017

Brew Week 2017

I kicked off Brew Week this year with the Rock N' Roast at the OU Inn last Friday night. Joe was the chef, and everything was delicious!

There was a crazy downpour at the start of the night, but then the sun came out!

Saturday night was the Appalachian Hell Betties home game at the community center. They were the champions of the night!

Me and Ben!

Ben, Cheryl and Kayla!

On Sunday, I enjoyed a delicious beer at Devil's Kettle, with Michele and Bryan.


I wrapped up the week tonight at the BrewBQ with Abby and Billie.

Abby and I walked up these stairs as we headed home, and there was a tiny baby skunk!!! Eek! We were trapped. We managed to slowly sneak by him and he didn't spray us. I hope he made it home to his mommy okay!

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