Friday, March 30, 2018

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Happy Birthday, Ben! We had a pizza party at our house to celebrate. Here's a quick vid that captures the vibe of the evening.

Moss was the birthday train conductor.

TOOT TOOT! Birthday train!

Joe's twin Rob was in town for the night! TWINS!


This was Jasper's very first party. A fun anniversary of Ben's birthday party last year at Gran Ranchero, where Vana and Joe announced that they were having a baby.

What could it be?



I made a lemony lemon lemon cake! With lemon curd and lemon cream cheese frosting!

Oh, hi!

We enjoyed the cake with strawberry ice cake!

Vana's hair is dyed rainbow right now, and it is amazing.

Dream hair!

Baby Jasper!

Tiny finger, big finger! With Grandpa Dennis.

Jasper can be pretty serious.

Maybe he wants to smile? Maayyybe?

Thinking about it...

Awww! There it is!

Happy baby!!

What a great night! It was wonderful to celebrate Ben's birthday with family. I hope Jasper had a fabulous time at his very first party. What a milestone!

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