Saturday, March 03, 2018

Michigan Birthday Trip!

Summer and I headed to Northville, Michigan this weekend, for a birthday weekend getaway and to see Rabecca, Leighanna, and families! We totally brought bad weather with us. The Michigan people weren't even aware a storm was coming, and inches and inches of snow came FAST. Rabecca's back yard:

Fuzzy Max!

Still snowing!

He is ridiculous. Look at that pose! He doesn't even look real!

Rabecca made us dinner, and Adele made dessert. She made the entire dessert all by herself from a cookbook!

It was a delicious cookie cake. With a LOT of sugar on top. It was delicious!

After dinner, we took a snowy walk into town.

We stopped at Browndog, a boozy ice cream bar in Rabecca's neighborhood.

Don't mind if we do!!!Delicious cocktails with scoops of ice cream.


And a White Manhattan, featuring Two James White Rye.

All together now.

Friday morning was Summer's birthday! We started the day off with some mimosas, TV, and cuddles with Max.

We went to Lucy and the Wolf for appetizers, lunch and drinks. This is the Fall Squash Bruschetta. Delicious!

Birthday drinks!

Rabecca and Leighanna.

Me and Summer.

This WAS the Tomatoes in Cast Iron. We pretty much inhaled it as soon as it hit the table, so I didn't get a photo until near the bitter end. It was AMAZING.

Delicious Grilled Carrots!

And OMG mini smoked donuts with bourbon smoked sugar and maple syrup. They were the best best best. They were gone so fast it was like we did a disappearing trick!

After lunch, we went shopping!

We stopped at Simpy Wine wine bar for refreshments.

We met up with the boys at North Center Brewery for some beers and shuffleboard before dinner.

Then we headed to Center Street Grille for dinner. More cast iron tomatoes!! Can't stop won't stop!

AMAZING pizza.

I love the variety!

Burger with an egg on it.

We found ourselves at Browndog again at the end of the night.

Who can resist boozy treats!?


What a fantastic trip! It was so fun to see everybody and celebrate Summer's birthday.

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