Thursday, October 07, 2004


Adam and I went to Seattle for my birthday at the end of September. It was a great trip! We did a lot of sight-seeing: Gasworks Park, downtown, Pike Place, Fremont, Space Needle, etc. For my birthday, I had a joint party with other September birthday folks Beth, Aaron, and Rebekah. We had a Mexican Burrito Feast!

Unfortunately, I caught a cold while in Seattle. I started to feel sick that Friday, and once we got back to Athens the following Monday, I only got worse. I was sick all week and went to the doctor on Saturday to discover that I had an Upper Respiratory Infection. I got antibiotics and I'm FINALLY feeling better.

Click here for photos.

We had a second birthday celebration when we returned to Athens. A group of my friends got together at The Purple Chopstix. Summer got there early and DECKED out the table. It really looked amazing!!! She put an astroturf runner down the center, and stuck little fake flowers in it! Then, she made cupcakes with UNICORNS and BUNNIES on them. (Can you get a better friend?? Seriously???) She also made a little cake with pretty fake flowers around it. At every seat, there was a drink umbrella and a mini bottle of Absolut. Cheers! Yumi brought balloons! Dinner was fun and delicious.

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