Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, Mer, Pete, Dad, Mom and I went to Joy Creek Farm, where Mom keeps her horse. Each of us (except Mom, obviously) have only been out there once or twice, and certainly never as a family. The plan was to spend some time at Mom's favorite place, and hang out with her horse, Clue!

It was a perfect day. It was sunny and very warm. We all took turns riding on Clue as Mom led us around on the lunge line. We also all tried trotting. I've ridden horses of moms a couple of times in my life, but I'm very inexperienced. Trotting is SCARY! It's too fast and bumpy. My sister was the best at trotting, she was the only one who could figure out "the rhythm." I'm like, seriously? There's a rhythm? Because all I can manage is to hang onto the saddle while I bounce up and down! It's fun, but hard.

Then we got to ride him on our own all around the arena. I was much better at that! Mom said I was a natural at steering him. It was fun! He went wherever I wanted him to! We walked over hurdles, between barrels, along the fence, it was great! After we all had turns riding Clue, it was Mom's turn to put us all to shame!

After the day at the farm, we headed over to Mer and Pete's for a Mother's Day Dinner. They grilled pork tenderloin, baked sweet potatoes, fresh bread and a beautiful salad. We had champagne, and my Fantastic Lemon Cake for dessert! It was still nice out, so we got to eat dinner on the screened porch. I am so happy that the nice weather is finally here.

Click here for photos.

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