Thursday, May 26, 2005

Surprise Party for Aaron!

For Aaron's 33rd birthday, Michelle decided to throw him a surprise party! She invited a bunch of friends to their Columbus apartment, and Mer, Joey and I headed up.

The party was a huge success! Aaron was completely surprised. Michelle made tons of food, and I got to meet a lot of nice people. I even fought in a grape war!

The next morning, we headed to the North Star Café, my new favorite place to eat in Columbus. Mer and I shared the Cloud Nine pancakes, which are made with ricotta cheese! They might have been the best pancakes I've ever eaten. We also shared a tofu breakfast burrito. The weather was beautiful, and we ate out on the patio. I got a love note sent over to me! I guess it was rude of me not to acknowledge it with a wave, but I've got to admit, I was feeling a little hungover until those pancakes kicked in!

After breakfast, we headed to Jeni's Ice Cream for a delicious sampling extravaganza. Then we got some ice cream cones and headed back to Athens.

Click here for photos.

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