Sunday, July 10, 2005

Detroit Girl's Weekend

This weekend, Summer, Yumi, Melissa and I headed up to Detroit to spend a Girl's Weekend with Rabecca and Leighanna! We got to see Rabecca and Julien's new place, which has a pool!! The weather was perfect all weekend.

On the way up, we stopped at the North Market in Columbus for lunch. I went to this little Greek place and got a falafel! Of course, we got Jenny's Ice Cream for dessert. As usual, it was almost impossible to decide. I went with Bananas and Honey, since I love it, and tried two new flavors - Cucumber Fraiche, and Avacado with Lime. Both were incredible!

When we got to Detroit, we sat by the pool for a bit, and then had a little birthday celebration for Melissa. Rabecca had made cupcakes - white with strawberry frosting. YUM. And pink champahnyuh! Cheers! Then we went to Little Tree in Royal Oak for sushi. The sushi was incredible! They had good Tom Yum soup, also. I think Purple Chopstix's is better though.

Then we went bowling. This here country girl will never get enough of bowling in alleys where they score for you on COMPUTERS! And you can buy BEERS! It's just heaven.

On Saturday, we went to the Plymouth Art Fair. It's a 3 day event, with vendors set up all through the downtown. It's HUGE! I bought some earrings and an embroidered purse. Then I popped into a little boutique and OOPS, bought some jeans. They were 20% off because of the art fair! After the fair, we got some lunch and headed to the pool. Julien and his brother Blaise, who had just arrived from France for a week in the U.S., joined us!

Later, we made dinner. We ordered pizzas, and boiled some fresh corn on the cob, cut up watermelon, and made a salad. It was fresh and delicious! Then we played a fun dice game and headed to the club, Envy, where we danced and hung out.

On Sunday we had to head home. But not before enjoying the SECOND of Rabecca's delicious breakfast casseroles of the weekend. On Saturday, she made a hashbrown, egg and cheese casserole, and on Sunday it was a french toast casserole, that has ICE CREAM in it. Ice cream for breakfast. So good. Then we drove back to Athens! Quite a fun-filled weekend!

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