Saturday, July 30, 2005

Fourth Annual Slip 'N' Slide!

The weather was perfect this year for the Slip 'N' Slide. Hot and sunny! The slide was fun as usual, with the added bonus of an actual pool liner at the bottom. The plastic sheeting was a different brand, and the consensus was that we did not like it as much as the old stuff. Another improvement this year was Summer's inflatable pool, which offered another spot to cool off!

There were lots of delicious snacks as usual, and plenty of delicious drinks. This year was a little more dangerous than usual, with a grand total of two trips to the emergency room! Jason went down the slide haphazardly and hit the back of his head, splitting it open. It sure was bloody. He ended up getting six staples in his head! Ouch. The other casualty was Clark, who got stung in the face by a bee! The wound didn't seem that bad that day, but the following day when he got back to Dayton, it swelled up more and the swelling moved onto his neck, so he went to the hospital. Eek!

Even with the added perils this year, the event was a huge success. There were many, many harmless runs down the slide, so much summertime fun! And the hot tub, and the pool, and the carrot cake... What a party!

Click here for photos.

Also, Anne and I were drinking Miller High Life Light, and were talking about how the bottles are so old-fashioned, and if we had black and white pictures of us drinking them, they would look TIMELESS! So we kept trying to look "timeless" with our beers. Here's one of Clark, too, because PBR is old-fashioned too.

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