Monday, July 18, 2005

Rose & J'aime Visit!

Rose and J'aime visited this weekend! We had quite the nice time. Friday night, we had Pita Pit for dinner! Then we had lots of rounds of beers at Casa. We almost drank a Fruit Basket... a great concept I'm currently working on. More on that at a later date.

On Saturday, Rose and I made whole wheat blueberry pancakes and eggs with spinach and feta! They were delicious. Then we met up with Jason and J'aime and saw Willy Wonka! It was crazy! I liked it. Casa for dinner, then Apples to Apples!

Sunday was Casa brunch and then good-bye. Which wasn't as sad as usual because Rose is MOVING TO ATHENS. Well, for a three week trial period but I'm hoping the trial is successful!

Click here for photos.

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