Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fancy Birthday Dinner!

Mer and Pete cooked up a fancy dinner to belatedly celebrate my birthday, and to celebrate Harry's birthday also! I love when my birthday gets to stretch out for a couple of weeks. The best birthday treat of all was that we got to play Pictionary AND everyone said they want to play again soon! Cha ching!

Family portrait!

Dad dishin' up some broccoli.

Fancy birthday dinner!

Pete made his specialty dish, apple dumplings:

Look at how cute that lil' dumpling is!

Harry got some chocolates for his birthday, from Holl's Chocolate store in Parkersburg. We each had one and I SO should not have, as I was regular full beforehand and then with just that one little chocolate I became TOO full. But it was worth it, at least!

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