Saturday, September 16, 2006

Paw Paw Festival

Today kicked off the 2006 Paw Paw Festival. I've been anxious to go, because I knew they were serving Paw Paw Wheat, my favorite beer. Usually you can get this beer for awhile at Casa in the fall, but last year I missed out because I didn't go to the Festival and all of the kegs got DRANK!

So, I headed out with Summer and Yumi, and we enjoyed some delicious fall sunshine. We also tasted paw paw chicken wings, pork sandwiches with paw paw sauce, a hamburger with paw paw chutney, and ice cream sandwiches with paw paw ice cream! Everything was delicious.

Later in the afternoon, Linda stopped by the fest. We got a bag of straight up paw paws to taste. I hadn't had one since I was probably TEN. Dad and I used to go "pee-paw pickin'," as we liked to call it. We just thought it was fun, but whenever we tasted them we thought they were sick. Now I know I just didn't let them ripen!

Click here for photos.

After drinking some Paw Paw Wheats and listening to music, Linda and I headed uptown with her brother Fred, who was visiting with his wife and some friends. When we got to O'Hooleys, I discovered the saddest thing ever. There was still one more drink ticket in my pocket from the festival!!! Shoot!! One more delicious Paw Paw Wheat I could have enjoyed! I tried to use it to buy a beer at O'Hooleys but the bartender wasn't having it.

On Sunday, I stopped by my parents house and told mom the good news, that I like paw paws now! She suggested I go see if there were any on their paw paw trees in the back yard. I didn't even know they HAD paw paw trees! So I went and sure enough, there were some. Pickin' Paw Paws!


We did a taste test. Mom still thinks paw paws are sick. She just can't get on board with the texture.

I give it a thumbs UP! Delicious!

Look at this haul!

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