Friday, September 29, 2006

Porter Bombs

Today, Gina and I went to O'Hooley's for happy hour.

These guys were doing Irish Car Bombs.

Then a bunch of shuffling girls came through on a birthday shuffle. They all wanted unicorn pegasus tattoos! Awesome!

I was not planning to have an Irish Car Bomb, but then Brad, the brewmaster, confided to us that no one had ever tried an Irish Car Bomb using O'Hooley's delicious specially brewed Porter.

So we had to do one. You know, FOR SCIENCE. So, Gina was all, "I don't think I can do it fast, Kate! I've only done them once!" I said, "It's cool. Go however fast you want!"

So we started and seriously ONE SECOND LATER Gina was done!!! DONE!

I'm giving Gina the WTF hand because I was expecting to be doing a slow round of bombs!! She put me to shame!

Then we had to do a second round because pretty much everyone at the bar wanted to join us.

Again, Gina was done before most people had even had one sip!!

Gina's new friend!

Gina and Kelly. I'm all suspicious. I totally knew about the bunny ears.

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