Friday, March 19, 2010

Gravel Rouser Grab N' Git

Summer, Leah, Mr. Studlyhunk and I worked a checkpoint at the Grab & Git this year. Mr. Studlyhunk set up our orange flag.

Summer brought the champagne!

Hahahahaha, ALWAYS funny.

Mr. Studlyhunk practiced some putting moves while we waited for our first racer.

Group photo!

Summer showed us some of her color guard moves while we waited!

Hahahahaha, like I said, ALWAYS FUNNY!

Our first racer!!

Racers had to putt the ball into the hole, and we recorded how many strokes it took them.

Ben sunk it in two strokes!!

Finish line party!

Joey announcing the winners, and oh look, there's Aaron in the foreground.


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