Friday, November 26, 2010

Double Thanksgiving

Ben and I are the luckiest ever, because his mom hosted Thanksgiving on Friday this year, which means Double Thanksgiving for us!! My parents were invited too, which means they got Double Thanksgiving TOO! So lucky. Here's Dad fixing up a little cocktail at the drink station.

It was a cold but sunny afternoon. Yang, Ben and I are happy because tons of delicious food is headed our way.

Dennis and Ben enjoying some wine.

Relaxing while the final dishes are prepared.

Moss mashing up some potatoes!

TIME TO EAT! Oh, boy!!!

THE ROLLS!!!!! I almost forgot to get one and when I remembered, I leapt across the room in a panic thinking they would be gone. Thankfully there were two left. YES. I am very thankful for rolls.

Dennis, Joy and Moss are FULL!

After we ate, we headed out to the back deck to see how far Joy and Kayla can spit! They were both blessed with small gaps between their teeth, which means they have the skill of spitting water great distances. What a fun talent to have! Here's Kayla gearing up:

Joy is ready to go!

And they're off! Kayla got some good distance.

Yang pretty much just dribbled water down his chin.

Spitting is fun and it makes people happy!

Joy's turn. She is like a FOUNTAIN of spit!!

LOOK HOW FAR!!! She's like a FIRE HOSE!

Here is a video of the spitting event.

Time for pie! Vana made an apple pie...

AND AN OREO CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE. Duuuuuude!!! It was delicious.

There was also pumpkin pie, but I forgot to get a picture of it. After pie, the men headed outside to be manly and dig holes!

Ben supervised with his glass of wine.

Go, Dennis! Dig that hole!

Yang was also in a supervisory role.

Dig it, Moss!

Cheryl and Ben are inspecting the hole progress. The holes are for Cheryl to plant some new trees in.

Vana came out to join the supervising.

It's a hole!

After the hole digging, it was time to rest and digest.

It was also a special night because Yang signed Dennis up for Facebook. Welcome to The Internet, Dennis!

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