Thursday, November 25, 2010


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I spent the evening in the kitchen last night making some side dishes! We decided to make stuffing using bread from the Village Bakery this year. It was SO EASY and so delicious. You just sautee some onions and celery, then pour in water until it simmers, and then dump in the bag of dehydrated, seasoned, local bread crumbs! POOF YOU HAVE STUFFING:

I imagine we'll probably go this route every year, since it saves so much time and turns out delicious! I also made two kinds of cranberry sauce: plain, and bourbon cinnamon.

This afternoon, Ben and I packed up the sides and headed over to Mom and Dad's to start celebrating! Mom was working hard making gravy.

Mer was whipping up the mashed potatoes.

I took a shift stirring the gravy.

YUM!! Look at that King Family Farm turkey!

The peas are ready! Or wait, are they still frozen??


Kate had on a beautiful holiday outfit. So pretty!

We did some playing while we waited for all the cooking to be done. Look, here comes Petey!

Dad was in charge of carving the bird, as always!

It's good to hang out in the kitchen for this event, because you get to have tastes.

Dad helped himself to a few tastes as well!

Ben worked up an appetite by playing with Petey.

One of my Grandma's batiks.


Eskimo kisses!

Mmm, my plate.

After dinner, we played some Pictionary to work up an appetite for pie.

Mer and Pete brought some Underberg to help speed along our digestion.

First you bang it on the table!

Then you drink it fast!


"There's that husband of mine, doing shots again."

Finally having found enough room for pie, Mom made a batch of whipped cream. Kate is the luckiest because she gets to lick the beaters.


Time for pie!!! Mer made a delicious apple pie.

And Mom made a pumpkin pie with FRESH pumpkin and graham cracker crust!!! I think it was the best pumpkin pie I have ever had in my life. Fresh squash really makes a difference.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Time to go lay down.

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