Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bridal Shower

My special weekend of bridal bliss continued today with a Bridal Shower at Summer's house! Summer, Mer, Vana and Kayla made TONS of amazing food.

Cheese tray!

Pear, gorgonzola and pancetta quiche!

Baklava cupcakes!

Roasted potatoes with wasabi sour cream and caviar!

Chicken salad in lettuce cups!

Veggies with aioli!

Yumi brought a spring roll bar so people could make their own spring rolls! So fun! And on that blue platter, you can see Nancy's famous parmesan crackers.

Pickled corn!

Anne, Jenny and Kara!

Libby and Mom!

Dishing up.

Plate of deliciousness. Pictured here are some items that I DIDN'T list above, including buttermilk-marinated chicken thighs, roasted vegetables, and baked brie on baguette!


Vana, Summer and Kayla. They look like a beautiful garden!

Vana, me and Summer.

Summer explaining the rules of a Kate trivia game we played.

Filling out their answers!

Emily and Yumi!

Cheryl and Kayla!

Elizabeth, Maia and Nancy!

Libby, Mom and Emily!

Whooooooa, look at that giant mountain of presents.

Personalized cupcake lunch bag from Vana!

Jewelry travel case from Cheryl! And a BEAUTIFUL necklace that just happened to match my outfit perfectly! Here I am admiring it in the mirror of my new jewelry travel case.

Ohio cutting board from Jenny! Here I am demonstrating where Columbus is.

Marriage-themed birdie hand towels from Emily!

Shade Distillery Dancing Tree Vodka from Tracy and Tina! The label features a monkey riding an old fashioned unicorn!

Mortar and pestle from Mer!

After presents, there was even MORE FOOD! Plum tart, fresh from the oven.

Beautiful flowers.

Then we had fun playing with balloons!

Everyone wrote sweet wishes for me.

WHEW. That truly was a bridal bonanza!!! I couldn't have imagined a more special weekend. I had the time of my life. Thanks again to everyone who shared it with me. It's hard to believe there is even more fun to come, with the actual WEDDING! Whee!!

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