Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Birthday!

I got to start my birthday morning off with a warm slice of fresh peach cake that my sister made and dropped off for me. What a treat!

And the fun continued that night at Mer, Pete and Kate's house! We got to wear birthday crowns!

It was a pizza party.

Avalanche Pizza!

Mer made a salad!

Pete and Kate.

Over the summer, Old Navy had a really great sale on Hawaiian shirts. Pete, Dad and Ben each ended up getting the same one. Since matching outfits are my FAVORITE, my one birthday wish was that they would all wear their shirts to my party. I am the luckiest birthday girl EVER! TRIPLETS!!!!!

And matching crowns for all!

Pete helped Kate jump SUPER high. Watch Dad's face as these photos progress.



We played Pin the Tail on the Elephant.

Joey was pretty close.

Pete's turn!

Mer was next!

She got REALLY dizzy.

Not over there!

Kate schooled us all in the art of pin the tail.



Cake time!

Mmm, Texas sheet cake with candy corn. Spooky!

Mom made this cake. It was YUM!

Thanks everyone for helping me celebrate my birthday!

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