Saturday, September 01, 2012


Today was our WEDDING! Yay!! Thanks to photographer Jason Bash for these wonderful photos. We arrived at the Ridges Auditorium in the early afternoon. Everything had really come together and we were almost ready to go!

My mom's friend and neighbor Lynn helped us SO much with the decorations. She did all of the flower arrangements and tons of other decorations.

Look how pretty!

Ben and Moss getting ready.

Adjusting ties.

Yang, Moss, Ben, Dad.

The ladies were getting ready too!

My little flower girl!


They seem ready.

Best man Moss!

Almost ready!

The guys gathered outside to help Grandpa Lou up the path.

Grandpa whispering congratulations to Ben.

Heading inside! I wore some backup shoes to get around the building, because it was about to rain at any second.

Here we go!

Little butt grab for good luck!

Yang was our officiant!

My beautiful bridesmaid Vana was being SO PATIENT while I nervously switched into my actual wedding shoes.

I wasn't the only one who was nervous. Being flowergirl AND ringbearer is a big job.

Kayla telling Kate she'll do fine.

All lined up!

Do we look excited or what?!

Father and daughter.

Kate is all set to march in there with her basket.

Eep! Almost time!

Here we go!

We asked Yang to be our officiant. He got ordained for the occasion, and did an AWESOME job! It was so special to us to have someone we know and love perform the ceremony for us.

Happy much?!

Vows! Ben promised to always believe in magic and the possibility of unicorns, and I promised to provide him with a lifetime full of delicious burritos.

Ring exchange.

You may kiss the bride!


Whoa! We did it!

Oh, hi! We're husband and wife!

Receiving line.

Time for lots of hugs!

During the ceremony, Cheryl had to motion to me to lower my bouquet (Thanks, Cheryl!). I was holding it up pretty high. I was probably trying to hide because I was nervous!

Portrait time! Wedding party!



Father and son.

Miller Men!


Me + the dudes!

Group photo!

Me, Dad and Kate.

Kate and Kate!

Dad and me!

Moss and Dad.

Dad and Dennis!

Moss goofing off.

Bridesmaids goofing off!


Sears catalog pose!

Father and daughter!


I love my bridesmaids!


Yang and Moss.

Time to eat!! Look at the size of that feta pesto dome! YUM!!!!


Dishing up!

Our table was by the cake!


Kate and Grandpa having a special moment. Dad changed into dancing clothes!

Summer gave an AMAZING toast. "Kate is my favorite color."

Talking to Grandpa.

Our first dance. Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun ROCKED as our wedding band, and performed their wonderful version of Sleepwalk for our first song.

Halfway through the song, the band invited all our guests to join us on the floor! Yay!!

Then we all did LOTS of dancing!

Conga line!

Ryan took this awesome bird's eye view from the balcony!

The musical entertainment continued as the D-Rays took to the stage for a set!

Time for CAKE!!!! Heavenly Confections made us this beautiful, SUPER DELICIOUS cake.

Bunny bride & groom cake topper!

Showing off.

Cutting the first piece!

YUM!!!!!! Delicious!!


After cake, Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun came back for some more rocking, and Emily and Uncle Mark joined them for a special treat. They played The Hawaiian Wedding Song for us! Uncle Mark played his lap steel, and Emily had learned the words in Hawaiian!!

It was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

So beautiful!

What a special moment!! It's such a lovely song.

Dreaming about our upcoming Hawaiian honeymoon!!

By this point, the professional photos were done and my camera had come out to play. Vana and me freshening up in the dressing room!

Here I am pretending to be a bridezilla as we enjoyed a celebratory shot of bourbon. RARRRRR!

Me, Ben and Bob!



Flowers! It was pretty funny, we realized at the very end of the night that we were supposed to have taken that paper off the flowers. WHOOPS! They had a fancy ribbon tied around the stems, and we had no idea it was hiding under the paper! Ha!

Happy hug from Mom!

After we closed up the building, we just couldn't stop celebrating! We all headed to the OU Inn for a nightcap. We prank called Aunt Dae, who was also staying at the inn.

Cracking UP! We had so much fun and did so much laughing that hotel security had to knock on our door and give us a warning. WHOOPS!

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