Monday, June 27, 2005

Bike Polo

After the Benefit BBQ Bash last night, a bunch of people headed down to the fields to play bike polo. I decided to swing by and bring a bunch of cupcakes along.

It was a great summer night. The weather was warm, there was plenty of beer, and the fireflies came out in full force! Bike polo is exciting to watch.

Click here for photos.

Afterward, we headed down to Kaleb and Joey's house to hang out and take a tour of Joey's new trailer, Purple Rain. He bought it from his cousin for $150, and it's parked between Kaleb's house and the Crack House. It's pretty sweet! All the cabinets inside are painted purple, and the kitchen appliances are tiny and brown. Joey, Craig, Adam and I had some beers.

There was a roll of wood grain contact paper left in the trailer, and Joey gave it to Craig. When Craig unrolled it, there was the creepiest clown printed on the back side. Eek! I had my camera phone with me, so I took some pictures.

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