Monday, June 20, 2005


Anne and I just returned from a long weekend visiting Chicago and Milwaukee. Friday night, we flew out of Columbus, headed to Chicago. During the flight, in a wine-hazed moment of ditziness I was convinced that we were flying 30,000 miles in the air instead of 30,000 feet. Der.

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We arrived in Chicago at 10 p.m., and took a train to Jamie's hood. Jamie and the crew greeted us at the train station. At Jamie's, we had some pizza, beer and eclairs and called it a night. On Saturday, we woke up early and piled in Beth's van, The Golden Bullet, and headed for Milwaukee! We were attending Holly and Jayson's annual party, Werrapalooza. They had T-shirts made. If you tap it, they will come.

The afternoon and evening was full of sunshine, beer, rum punch, cornhole, beer pong, and the most food I have ever seen at a potluck! I made taco dip. They had brats and burgers, and tons of brownies, and these cheesy potato things and MORE. We all had a great time. The next morning we all needed McDonalds. 6 out of 7 of us ordered the #6 - egg and bacon and cheese bagel combo. Mmm!

After the rest of the crew headed back to their respective towns, Anne and I spent a cozy day with Jamie. Her husband Brian and us headed out on a walk to get some ice cream and then walked down along the lake. It was gorgeous out and there were a million people doing the same thing as us! Then we headed back to her joint and made margaritas. Afterward we went to Caro Mio, Jamie's favorite Italian restaurant. Mmm. I had some amazing ravioli. We got coconut sorbet for dessert, and it came IN A COCONUT SHELL. Fancy!

This morning, we rode the train into the city at 7 with Jamie and she went into work and Anne and I walked around the city all morning. We had breakfast, went to Millenium Park, and then did some shopping. Then we rode the train to the airport and flew back to Athens! What a weekend!

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