Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cooking Club Brunch

Nancy hosted a cooking club brunch this morning! What a fantastic theme! Valerie's contribution was an amazing Bloody Mary bar. Don't mind if I do! She even made pickled green beans!

There aren't many things more beautiful on this planet than the sight of your friends walking toward you with platters of food. Hi, friends!

Especially when one of those food items is a jar of bacon!

Mmm. Delicious, local bacon!

And just in time to go into my Bloody Mary! Cheers!

I made an asparagus, spinach and feta quiche. My first quiche!!! Exciting!!! It turned out really well.

There is Summer's masterpiece! Cheers! It's so fun to create your own Bloody Mary with the fixings of your choice. We all agreed that we could probably base an entire cooking club around Bloody Marys!

Yumi made little potato-zucchini cakes. Cute!

Nancy made homemade bagels!! Nancy's homemade bagels are SOOOOO delicious. I was very excited that they were on the brunch menu. Served with cream cheese, lox and capers!

Slice of quiche. Look at all that greenery!

All together now. Oh, Emily brought a delicious salad, too! And Valerie brought some local cherries to snack on.


After we ate brunch, we swam and floated in the pool for a long time. Eventually, we were ready for dessert. Summer made an amazing strawberry merengue treat.

It was like a fluffy, dreamy CLOUD!!! In our mouths!!!! With homemade whipped cream inside.

After some more swimming, we were ready for Second Dessert! Emily made a cherry clafouti using tart cherries from the Farmer's Market!

Mmm, eggy deliciousness.

Baby Charlotte was our special guest! Look at her little SWIM SUIT!!! It's so cute. Charlotte was a bit tired from not having a very good nap, but she still managed to have a great time with the ladies and provided a lot of entertainment and cuteness.

I arrived at Nancy's house at 11:30 a.m. and didn't leave until 6:30 p.m.! I'd say that is a successful cooking club! Possibly a record for longest? We just ate and floated all day long. Mmm.

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