Sunday, July 18, 2010

Citrusy Cooking Club

Nancy hosted cooking club this month, and the theme was citrus! She had also attended a cheese-making workshop recently, so we got to sample her homemade mozzarella. It was AWESOME! I was impressed!

Yumi made a citrus and spinach salad with spiced shrimp.


Emily made a spicy Thai soup with lots of lime and lemongrass. Kicky!

I was planning to make grilled pizzas, but we could not get Nancy's gas tank open!! Three of us tried as hard as we could, with a multitude of serious tools, and could not get that sucker to open! (Where's Mr. Studlyhunk when you really need him?)

So I cooked the pizzas in the oven instead! Everyone was great in helping me with this quick change of plans. The pizzas ended up being super delicious this way, so it was a good thing. Lemon and piave pizza with red onion and rosemary:

The pizza, Nancy's salmon with grapefruit sauce and Valerie's citrus pesto pasta. What a great plate of food.

And for dessert, Summer's Seven Layer Lemon Cake! The poor cake fell over in her fridge. So instead it ended up being a Bowl of Cake. It just made it that much easier to put into my mouth! It was incredible.

We ended up the citrusy night with some delicious limoncello straight from Italy. YUM.

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