Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fourth of July Potluck

Mer, Pete, Baby Kate, Mom, Dad, Ben and I met at Mom and Dad's house this evening to walk down to Emily and Marc's Fourth of July Potluck.

It was like a parade!!

Yum, look at all that food! And everyone is wearing white!

Summer made these amazing chicken nuggets.

Mr. Studlyhunk showed up with a gorgeous bouquet of tulips!

He drank a little bit too much wine...

...and ended up getting pretty frisky with Hilarie!

So naughty!


Baby Kate!

Mr. Studlyhunk's plate of potluck food. Everything was super delicious.

Look at my new sandals! They are so comfortable, it's almost more comfortable to wear them than NOT to wear them!

Kate's new friend, Sophia. Showing Kate a sparkler!

There were a couple of birthdays this week, so we got to do candles and singing.

The hostess with the mostest! And definitely with the best hat.

Mmm, dessert.

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