Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, There Is Beer

Tonight it was time to cross some more beers off our Brew Week list! We headed to The Pub to try the Rocky River Brewing Co. Oompa Loompa Chocolate Stout. It was great! Megan got the Blueberry Trails Blueberry Ale, which came served with fresh blueberries floating inside. Nice touch!

For dinner, I got the Yuengling beer-battered fish sandwich and the black & tan onion rings. Mmm.

Next we went to the Cat's Den to sample the Marietta Brewing Company beers. Megan and Bob got a sampler platter to share.

And I got samples of my two favorites! McLaren's Scotch Ale (rich and malty with toasted caramel notes) and Kelly's Red Ale (rich amber ale with a light caramel palate). They were AWESOME. Kelly's Red might possibly be my favorite YET this year! I put my hand in this shot to try and show actual size of these beers but they still look sort of huge. I swear, they're little!

When we headed outside after drinking these delicious beverages, we stepped into a bizarre weather situation! The break in the rain had left an eerie yellow glow in the sky.

Then we turned around to find a RAINBOW!! La, la la la!!!! Brew Week is most definitely a magical experience.

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