Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Cooking Club

I hosted the October cooking club, and the theme was fall! Nancy brought sugared cranberry and smoked almonds for a starter.

Emily brought roasted chestnuts! I had never tried them before, and I LOVED them!!! They were so big and meaty!

Summer did fall salads, with pear, parmesan, candied pecans and a maple syrup dressing.

I made a butternut squash and chickpea salad with lemon tahini dressing.

Yumi made a turkey roulade, with stuffing.

Yumi ALSO made additional mushroom stuffing, and gravy. And Nancy made a delicious, bright cranberry fruit salad. And somehow I failed at taking pictures of either thing?!?!!?? Sorry, guys! I guess I was having too much fun!?

Emily made poached pears with a SINFUL rum sauce. We were licking our plates big time.

Summer brought along a port, which paired nicely with the pears!

Mmm, everything was so fall-y!

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