Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Honeymoon: Day Seven

Today we went on a day trip to Waimea Canyon. We also had reservations that evening for a sunset boat cruise tour of the Na Pali Coast! Paco was bummed that we were leaving for the day.

A scenic overlook along the way.

Waimea Canyon is about a two-hour drive from Hanalei Bay. It is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific!

It was very impressive.

I've never been to the Grand Canyon, but I've seen pictures and this definitely reminded me of it!

Pizza leftovers for lunch.

There are chickens everywhere on Kauai! They are like deer in Ohio. These chickens really wanted some of our pizza.

Another canyon overlook. This one was above the clouds!

We were TOUCHING clouds!! It was so cool!

There's the ocean down there!

We had a blast driving through the canyon. Beautiful windy roads.

After we checked out the canyon, we headed to Port Allen for the sunset cruise. On the way, we passed Yumi's Restaurant! We had to pull over for a photo. It would've been fun to eat there!I didn't know Yumi had a restaurant in Hawaii!

We had a little time to kill, so we pulled over and checked out a pier.

This local fisherman caught a hammerhead shark!

Time for the boat cruise!

Ben was using his iPhone to FaceTime Justin and torture him with views of how much fun we were having on the boat. Mean!! But funny.

All you can drink mai tais! And beer!

We booked our cruise through Holo Holo Charters, and we had a GREAT time. The crew was awesome, and it was so much fun. It was a four-hour sunset boat ride through the Na Pali coast. See how happy?!

This couple was super nice. They were our buddies on the boat!

There's the captain! Ahoy!

Sparkling water.


Please take note of the sunglasses I am wearing. One of my very favorite pairs. They met their death on this boat ride. I was taking a picture off the side of the boat, and I had stored them hanging from the neck of my shirt. You know, how people do? And they got sucked off into the wind and landed in the ocean spray below. I felt horrible for littering AND horrible for losing my beloved sunglasses!! Although, if you're going to lose your sunglasses, losing them off the side of a sunset cruise on your honeymoon in Hawaii isn't the worst way to do it, I suppose.


Sea cave!

Oops, no sunglasses.

Inside the boat!

So sparkly!


Sea cave AND waterfall!

Look at the color of that water!

The boat cruise also featured an all you can eat vegetarian lasagna buffet!


The sun was beginning its descent!


Mmm, the lasagna was delicious. And the rolls were GREAT!

So beautiful!!

We were totally having the most fun we could possibly imagine, AND THEN they brought around a basket of warm chocolate chip cookies!!!!!!

AND THEN CHAMPAGNE!!!!!!!!! For a toast!!! Cheers!


The Na Pali Coast sunset boat cruise was a SPECTACULAR way to see a gorgeous Hawaiian sunset. We loved it! Highly highly highly recommend!

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