Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Honeymoon: Day Six

This morning we got up early and headed to the Kalalau Trail. This is an eleven mile trail along the beautiful Na Pali Coast. The Na Pali Coast is inaccessible to vehicles, and can only be viewed by hiking, boating, or helicopter. We chose to hike the first two miles to Hanakapiʻai Beach. After that you can hike four more miles to the Hanakoa Falls. If you want to go beyond that, you need a permit. The first two miles (four miles round trip) was plenty for us. It took three hours! It's pretty intense!

Here we go!

Ben pretending his walking stick is his wiener.

Amazing views!!

Here you can see Ke'e Beach, which shares a parking lot with the Kalalau Trail.

The trail smelled DELICIOUS. There were guava trees everywhere, and ripe fruits bursting on the ground.

At the bottom of the trail is a rocky stream area, which you have to cross to get to the beach.


Hikers build little monuments out of the stones.

Cliffs and beach.

Looking up at the cliffs.

There is a little cave, too!

Beach! The Hanakapi'ai Beach is very dangerous. The rip currents are especially strong there, and lots of people have drowned. There were a few people surfing there while we were there.(DANGEROUS!!!)

The hike made us starving for another trip to Red Hot Mama's!


Then we headed into town to pick up some supplies. The Hanalei School is beautiful!

This rainbow wave sculpture at the school made me happy every time we drove by, so we pulled in for some pictures.

I love it!

The Aloha Juice Bar in the parking lot of Ching Young Village in Hanalei Bay makes amazing smoothies! There is no dairy or sugar, just ripe fresh fruit and ice. We got two different flavors and shared.

At sundown, we headed to Ke'e Beach to check out the sunset.

Beers on the beach! It was so relaxing.

The sunset was gorgeous.

Then it was time to think about dinner. We headed to Hanalei and put in a takeout order at Hanalei Pizza. Our pizza was so delicious the first night, we had to go back! We went to the Tahiti Nui for a beer and some live music while we waited.

When we got back to the house with our pizza, this moth had died on our door!!!! Creepy!!

Was it some sort of omen?!

Hanalei Pizza will let you have four different flavor quadrants, so we happily chose that option. Yum, four different pizzas in ONE!

We were skeptical of this Passion Fruit Wheat Ale that came in a variety pack, but it was DELICIOUS!!! Very happily surprised!

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