Saturday, October 06, 2012

Honeymoon: Day Ten

Today was our last day! Ben found a guava in the backyard.


We stopped at Hanalei Bay to do a little shopping, and got some smoothies at Aloha Juice Bar.

Ben bought a shirt!

Made in Hawaii. Aw yeah.

After shopping, we headed toward the airport. We picked up some wraps from Mermaids Cafe in Kapa'a for lunch.

This was possibly the best thing I ate the entire trip.

It was filled with brown rice, seared tuna, and fresh avocado. It was incredible!

We killed some time at a beach in Poipu before our flight.

Then we headed to a town called Koloa to look around. We got coffee and shave ice.

Ukelele store!

Then we headed to the airport. There was a Thai restaurant called Gingbua Thai that was very close by. We picked up a bottle of wine and had dinner there on the balcony patio.

Everything here was amazing. These spring rolls were so fresh!

Green papaya salad. We thought the green papaya salad we had earlier in the week was good, but this blew it out of the water.

Tom Yum soup. This was SPICY!!

Curry! This was also very spicy. It was AWESOME!

Our last evening with palm trees.

This place was seriously great.

On the way to return our rental car.

Time to go home! What a wonderful honeymoon!! Cheers!

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