Saturday, October 27, 2012


Evidently, this is my 1,000th blog post. Neat!

To celebrate Halloween this year, we went to Megan and Bob's house on Block Party night. It's always fun to watch people walk uptown from their front porch. Summer dressed as some sort of amalgamation of a Downton Abbey era Roxy Hart type of dead vampire floozy. With glitter! That bloody snack she is having is cherry pie filling meant to top cheesecake cupcakes that Megan made. It looks pretty gory taken out of context!

Rick came dressed as a Scotsman, and the question of whether he was wearing anything beneath his kilt was a hot topic. I tried my best to find out while he was in the bathroom.

He shone a flashlight in my eye!!! He could tell I was peeking!

That didn't stop Megan from trying, though.

She couldn't collect any evidence either, unfortunately.

I guess the world may never know. Unless Billie knows. Maybe she will share?

She looks like she might know! Rick looks proud of his secret.

Uh oh, Summer has commandeered the Swedish Chef's mustache!

Next she got ahold of Bob's Budweiser hat!

Bob, Ben, Summer and I decided to walk uptown and check out the action.

Block party!


Summer and Bob "taking pictures" of each other.

Random people.

Random dude + Bob.

Swedish Chef senior portrait?


Whee! Some sort of elf or fairy prancing along!

This costume was sweet! They let me give it a high five!

I love Halloween!

Secret Service.

We met Kayla and Derrick at The  Union!

We couldn't get enough of this little squirrel. Oh, hi!

The cutest!

Kayla's picture frame was a hit!


Summer and Kayla!

We headed inside, where Moss was bartending. He made us some fancy drinks!

Summer and Maceo.

We ran into this couple on the way to the bathroom. LOOK HOW CUTE!!! Ben and I might have to do something like this soon.

We ran into PRINCE!!!!!!!!!

And Kid Rock!

As we were walking home, the police horses were clearing the streets.

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