Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Birthday Fun, Round II, and also Ice Cream!

This weekend, Summer and I celebrated her birthday a little more with a trip uptown to play games! First we ate some Pita Pit, and had free wings and 75 cent drafts at Red Brick. Then we hit Tony's for several rounds of darts! We hung out with some physics professors. Then we went to Courtside Pizza to play foosball! We ended the night at the Union, with Irish Car Bombs and card games. Then we picked up some Burrito Buggy, and ran home to eat that, have chocolate cupcakes, and play Pictionary. Quite a fun night!

Click here for photos.

Saturday, I went to Parkersburg with Mom ("went to Parkersburg with Mom" is my middle name). When I arrived at mom's house, there was the cutest snowman in the yard!! Mom made a snowman that morning! He was very handsome.

In Parkersburg, we went to lunch at the Third Street Deli on the way, in Belpre. It was awesome! We each had a cup of cabbage soup, and then we split a gyro and a feta sandwich. Then we split a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. Then, we headed to this Walmart, in search of this certain ice cream.

Let me tell you about this ice cream. Every year, Edy's comes out with some Limited Edition Grand Light Girl Scout Cookie ice creams. This year, there were only two light flavors: Thin Mint, and Samoas. I read a ton of great reviews of the Samoas ice cream online, so naturally, I wanted to try it. I went to every ice-cream selling store in town, and nobody had it! I bought Thin Mint, and it was delicious, but I still wanted to try Samoas. Mom did a search online of stores that carry that particular flavor, and it said that Walmart in Parkersburg, WV sold it. So we went there and they DIDN'T HAVE ANY. I almost cried. It was still a fun day, though.

Sunday I decided to drive to Lancaster, since the web site also said that the Meijer in Lancaster carried this ice cream. I packed my cooler and off I went. I also wanted to check out the workout shorts at Target. I bought four pairs of shorts at Target, and one at Value City, then I went to Meijer. Would you believe they HAD IT? I almost cried. They had only two cartons, so I bought them both. One for me, and one for mom. This stuff is DELICIOUS. Definitely worth the hunt!

Oh yeah, Saturday was Jared's birthday, so he and Jessica came to Athens. We ordered Indian takeout for dinner, and then saw the School of Dance's Winter Concert, which was really cool! We went to the cast party afterward and watched some Beer Pong.

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