Thursday, March 03, 2005

Happy Birthday, Summer!

Yesterday was Summer's birthday, so Summer, Yumi, Suzanne and I went to the Blue Gator to celebrate! We had beers and dinner, and fun present time! It was a super fun night, and also delicious. The Blue Gator has the BEST rolls.

Click here for photos.

Tomorrow night, Summer and I are going to celebrate her birthday a bit more by heading uptown to play games of all sorts! Darts, foosball, who knows what else! Perhaps if we're lucky, the night will end with a little Pictionary.

Tonight I made cupcakes for tomorrow's March Birthday celebration at work. Last time I made cupcakes, I ate so much of the batter that I got food poisoning and was on the toilet all night long. So of course, this time, I didn't eat ANY batter. You believe me, right?

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