Tuesday, March 29, 2005


This has been a great week so far for cookies! Today, I had a haircut. I love my hairdresser so much. Pat. She's the BEST. She always gives me treats as I get my hair cut. The past couple of times she's given me Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies. She always loads up on snacks when she flies, and then saves them to bring into work. March is her birthday month, so she has worn a big tiara every single day. I got to see it today. She leaves on Thursday for a Jimmy Buffet Parrothead cruise. She's great. Anyway so those cookies were delicious.

Then, last night I went down the street and hung out with Joey and Kaleb for a bit. We did a little photoshoot that will eventually be used on the Athens Bicycle site to advertise frame repair. Anyway, blowtorches. Fire. COOL. After that, my sister invited us up for fresh cookies. BUTTERSCOTCH OATMEAL ones. Needless to say, I was up there ASAP. When we got there, we could see Pete napping through the porch window. Hee! Pete naps sitting up a lot. Mer says he still attempts to have conversations with her during these naps sometimes and that's it's hilarious. Of course we snuck a spy picture of him.

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