Friday, March 11, 2005

People That Steal Are JERKS.

m in charge of the office lotto pool at work. Each week, most of my coworkers put a dollar in the "lotto fund," which is an envelope that I leave on my windowsill. Now, I realize that the windowsill is not the safest place to leave the lotto fund, but it had worked for MONTHS! I really enjoyed the fact that I could just trust people NOT to steal shit. But last night, somebody stole it. JERKS. It was probably one of the maintenance people, since they're the only people that really have access to the office after hours. The envelope had $21 in it. A few of my coworkers donated to the lotto relief fund, but I paid most of it back myself, which I was fine with, but I wouldn't have had to if some JERKS hadn't stolen the money in the first place. JERKS.

The night was made better when Summer joined me for a Season Four Felicity Fest. We celebrated the release of the fourth and final season of Felicity in our usual manner, with a Trader Joe's frozen gorgonzola pear pizza, spinach with feta, and some beers. It was marvelous! Felicity would never steal money from me.

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