Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

Easter sure is a great holiday, because of all of the bunnies! This year, the Easter Bunny brought me the cutest little ceramic bunny, a bunny potholder, and tons of delicious treats. A couple of other great things happened today too.

First of all, I went to Kroger's to go grocery shopping. I had heard a rumor from mom that the Athens Kroger's had started carrying the Edy's Grand Light Limited Edition Girl Scout Cookie Samoas Ice Cream, and the rumor was TRUE. I went down the ice cream aisle and was nearly blinded by the fabulous glow coming from the Edy's ice cream case. There it was. In my own town. Needless to say, I bought a half gallon.

Then, tonight, my sister invited the family over for CHEESEBURGERS. Seriously, could Easter get any better? Cheeseburgers are my favorite. She also made baked sweet potatoes and broccoli. And for dessert, what else but Edy's Grand Light Limited Edition Girl Scout Cookie Samoas Ice Cream!! Yes, it's true. It was delicious.

Yesterday was a pretty slow day. It almost didn't count as a day. I never fully recovered from the Mustache Party until today. Yesterday, I woke up after only five crappy hours of sleep. Then I went uptown with Mer and Summer and got bagels. Then Mer and I worked on the Mustache Party pictures for a couple of hours and went to Taco John's! Not a bad day, but boy was I tired. On our way to Taco John's, Mer and I checked out this stencil by SEAM, on a house uptown. Cool stuff:

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