Saturday, March 26, 2005

Mustache Party

Last night was the 2005 Casa Cantina Mustache Party. The Mustache Party is an annual Casa event, and this year they offered to donate all proceeds to Kaleb, going along with the Mustaches for McCutcheon movement, making it a benefit!

I made a sweet donation box to display at the party. It had mustache fur and JEWELS! Between the donation box, cover charge, and a generous offer to double all proceeds of the night, the final total raised during the party was $1300!

Throughout the night, movies full of mustaches, such as Cannonball Run, were projected onto the walls of the bar. There was also plenty of rocking music, and a live performance by the Speed Knobs.

Another fun feature of the night was a DELICIOUS new beer that Casa had on tap: Marietta Brewing Company Paw Paw Wheat. It's fruity and smooth and delicious and NINE PERCENT ALCOHOL!

So the mustache party was a great success. I made tank tops with the mustache man from Dude Mountain (Anne's house) on them for Mer and I to wear. We also got to sport our mustache bands. We were surrounded by a SEA of mustaches!

As if that all wasn't enough fun, we hit the Mustache After Hours Party. Craig and Moss, who came dressed as mexican wrestlers, were quite the entertainment of the night. Pretty much as soon as we got there, they suggested we see how many people could fit into a hula hoop. Who could say no to that? So Mer, Craig, Moss, Pete, Summer, Chris and I got in. We walked around throughout the party until someone decided we ought to go upstairs. That was a CHALLENGE. It took sort of forever, but it was hilariously fun. When we got to the top, we all felt triumphant.

That's when Moss and Craig made up their little spanish song. It went kind of to the tune of "Hallelujah," and the only words were "Ohhhh, montaƱa! Ohhhh, cerveza!" Hahah. I had it stuck in my head all day today. They sang it for the rest of the night. Summer, Mer, Pete and I headed out at about 3:45 and walked home, where Summer and I had some delicious frozen pizza and watched some Felicity.

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