Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Visit from Amanda

Amanda came to Athens for a visit this weekend! She's been in Africa for two years, and I only got to see her once during that time, when she came back to the states for a little visit. We were pen pals the whole time, though!

Click here for photos.

We started the weekend off with lunch at O'Betty's, which was delicious. Best hot dogs ever! Then we went to the Front Room for coffee. After awhile, we headed back to my house and watched movies that we made in high school. We were cracking up! It was fun. Then Adam dropped us off at Purple Chopstix for dinner. After dinner, we walked uptown and it was beautiful, because it started to snow. We had drinks at Casa and The Union, then headed home. The next morning we had brunch at Casa, then came back to my house to hang out before Amanda had to go back home.

We decided to cut open this toy of mine. It's one of those squirmy liquid filled toys that you can dangle off your finger and fling around and squeeze. This one had been squeezed so much though, that it was starting to get thin in places and I was afraid my cats would bite it open so I figured we should CUT IT OPEN! Wheee! Then throw it out. It turns out it was filled with a shimmery, watery textured liquid.

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