Saturday, April 30, 2005

Bon Voyage, Rabecca!

Rabecca is moving to Detroit, so a bunch of us gathered at my place for a potluck going away party. Adam and I ordered a bunch of Avalanche pizza. Mmm. Summer and J brought KFC, so as you can imagine, the leftovers for the next week were quite delicious! Pizza and fried chicken. Can't go wrong!

Anyway, the party was great! My friend Erin was in town from D.C. and I hadn't seen her in ages. Funny thing, we ran into each other at Odd Lots that afternoon, and I told her about my party. She and her fiancé Drew stopped by, and it was great to see her. Melissa brought the fixings for mojitos, so I enjoyed a couple of those. Refreshing! We played the usual games - Ring of Fire, and Caps. It was a nice night and it was good to see everybody. I'm looking forward to visiting Rabecca in Detroit!

Summer and her brother Alex made this sign.

Erin and I.

Me, Erin and Drew.

Take two!

Summer brought a bucket full of iced animal cookies and twizzlers. MMM.

Summer and J!

Rabecca, Melissa, and some mojitos.

Time to play Caps! Summer takes aim.

Melissa and Matt!

Jason's turn!

Look at my form!


The lineup.

Maia and Emily.

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