Sunday, April 24, 2005

Two Guests! Two Times the Fun!

This weekend, TWO of my friends came to Athens to visit! Amanda and Anne! Amanda stayed with Jason for the weekend (she's allergic to my cats!), and Anne stayed with me!

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On Friday night, Summer, Anne, Mer and I had tickets to see Cake and Gomez in concert. We decided it would be fun to have drinks and dinner first. Summer brought the ingredients for Irish Car Bombs over to my house, so we had a couple of those. Mmm, milkshakes! Then we got Pita Pit and ate it at Tony's over a pitcher of Killian's. Unfortunately, the concert was sort of boring. We actually left early. The performances were fine... I just think I'm getting pickier about concerts maybe. I just don't have the attention span for them! I would rather just hang out with my friends. The atmosphere wasn't that great, sitting in rows, squooshed together. If it were an outdoor concert in the sunshine, maybe I would've had more fun?

After the concert it was POURING RAIN. We ran to Casa, and got completely soaked to the bone. Mer and Summer headed home, and Anne and I met Amanda and Jason for a couple of beers. It was Anne's first Paw Paw Wheat experience. Delicious! Afterward, we got Souvlaki's and went back to my house and made it through the first five minutes of Napoleon Dynamite before we fell fast asleep.

On Saturday, we met up with Jason and Amanda for a Casa brunch and speedballs! Of course, it was delicious. Then we headed back to my house for two rounds of Pictionary. Both games, the team that I was on won! Naturally. After that, Amanda and Jason headed home and Anne and I went to see The Upside of Anger (starring Felicity!!!). It was pretty good. Then it was time for dinner. We were going to Purple Chopstix, and staying for the party afterward, so we put on the tater tots tank tops that we had made!

Dinner was delicious, another first time for Anne! We both got the yellow curry chicken and Tom Yum soup. Amanda and Jason met up with us for the party, and it was a blast. Lots of dancing!! After Purple Chopstix, we headed to Goodfella's and then The Union. It was a very eventful and very fun weekend!

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