Monday, April 04, 2005

The Wind is an Asshole

The wind and I are totally not speaking right now. The wind is so on my shit list. Adam and I were driving home from Dayton on Friday, through a windy hailing rain storm, and I had just leaned my seat back to take a little nap. All of a sudden there was tons of really loud noise and all this black stuff hitting the windshield! I thought for a second that I was falling out of the car, and Adam thought we were getting bombed! We couldn't figure out what the hell was hitting our car. We figured maybe it was from the car in front of us, perhaps a windshield wiper blade or something?

The next day, when it stopped raining, I discovered that that horrible noise hadn't been some random thing slamming into my car, but actually the entire strip of trim on the driver's side door from the front windshield all the way to the back!

Ugh! It's going to cost $111 to fix. Insurance would've covered it, but my deductible is $500. I just spent a bunch of money getting my car all tuned up and running great so I want to fix this up so that it also LOOKS nice. Isn't the wind such a bastard?

Here are some photos. The first photo is the passenger's side, which is still intact. The next two photos are the driver's side, which is all torn up.

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